Aphrodisiacs – Ancient herbs with special powers


Aphrodisiacs – Ancient herbs with special powers (or so people believed)

Recently I was reading this piece > Aphrodisiac foods/. Interesting read, and it made me think about my own experiences with food.

Many botanical and medical textbooks from the old age speak of real or imaginary aphrodisiac abilities of some plants you’ve probably heard about. Men were advised to drink potions made from these herbs, or to rub their private parts to achieve long-lasting erections and act like wild animals, while women often collected herbs and made this tinctures themselves. Needles to say, they had amazing sex till the end of their short lives.

The residents of the Mediterranean still believe in magical power of this plant as an aphrodisiac. However, if the fruit of this plant is swallowed, one can sink into a deep and sometimes fatal dream that Shakespeare mentioned in “Othello”. The old herbalists have claimed that there are only two types of mandrake: male, with a root that resembles the lower part of human body with penis, and female with a root that looks like two legs and a little hole between them. The similarities between the mandrake roots and the human body aroused the imagination of Mediterraneans, hence the legend: one has to pull the roots out of the ground very gently, or the plant will begin to scream in pain and he who hears the scream will go crazy. People of the Middle Ages used mandrake as a talisman for happiness, wealth and fertility.

The word “orchid” comes from the Greek word “orhis” meaning – testicles, because the orchid root looks just like that. Throughout history men used to cut it, mix it, boil it and eat it raw in order to boost their manhood. It was said the orchid simply appears out of nowhere, but in reality, it actually grows out of small seeds after they’ve had contact with an almost invisible fungus. This naturally inspired legends about the magical origin of orchids and it was thought, for example, that the spilled semen of bulls and other animals sprout orchid flowers. So if a bull semen can help the orchid grow and it looks like testicles itself, it makes perfect sense people use it as aphrodisiac, doesn’t it?

Cane, hay and mixed herbs
If you want to summon the goddess of love in your bedroom, you need to spread cane all over the floor, then add some scented herbs such as marjoram, mint, verbena and violets. When the wild roses start to bloom, they should be plucked along with petals and spread over the bed to awaken the wildest desires of women. Having the whole bedroom covered with new-mown hay and fresh scented herbs was also known to work as an aphrodisiac. There’s a lot of (weird) people who still believe that the best way to increase sexual power and spread love between men and women, is to make the whole house smell of marjoram or lavender in honor of goddess Venus. If you don’t believe it, ask your grandma, that dirty old nympho.