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Bedroom advice – Women would be happy if you read this

Bedroom advice – Women would be happy if you read this

Every now and then everyone should read about how to please their partner in the bedroom. These are facts you should know all the time, and yet they’re so easy to forget, because that’s just the way humans are. The next time your libido hits you in the head, relax, take a deep breath and remember this advice because it’ll help you to conquer the bedroom.

  1. Use a sex toy! – about 60% will never be able to have an orgasm during sex, so this means every time you have sex they are missing out. Solution? – Buy a vibrator, and turn the tables on that statistic – a happy girl, makes for a happy relationship, and having orgasms keeps girls interested in you! If you’re new to it, then take a look at this Australian shop – the two best sex toy brands are Fun Factory (visit Fun Factory toys Australia) and/or LELO (visit Offical LELO Store in Australia)!
  2. According to recent study, about 42 percent

Aphrodisiacs – Ancient herbs with special powers

Aphrodisiacs – Ancient herbs with special powers (or so people believed)

Recently I was reading this piece Aphrodisiac foods/. Interesting read, and it made me think about my own experiences with food.

Many botanical and medical textbooks from the old age speak of real or imaginary aphrodisiac abilities of some plants you’ve probably heard about. Men were advised to drink potions made from these herbs, or to rub their private parts to achieve long-lasting erections and act like wild animals, while women often collected herbs and made this tinctures themselves. Needles to say, they had amazing sex till the end of their short lives.

The residents of the Mediterranean still believe in magical power of this plant as an aphrodisiac. However, if the fruit of this plant is swallowed, one can sink into a deep and sometimes fatal dream that Shakespeare mentioned in “Othello”. The old herbalists have claimed that there are only two types of mandrake: male, with a root that resembles the lower part of human body with penis, and female with a root that looks …


History’s greatest lovers – Sex animals you should know about (part three)

History’s greatest lovers – Sex animals you should know about (part three)

This biographical data is so hilarious and amusing that we just can’s stop posting it! Once again, here is the list of some of the biggest sexual addicts and complete maniacs throughout history, part three.

Gabriele D’Anuncio (1863 – 1938)

Italian poet, novelist, playwright and politician who dominated in the bedrooms of his country for four decades, hated by at least a thousand deceived husbands (he boasted of this himself). He slept on pillows filled with locks of hair of his lovers, and drank wine from the cup he made of skull of a virgin who killed herself because of him. Fuckin’ metal.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (973-933)

Even as a young country boy, Rasputin became notorious as a grand fornicator and then he spent his whole life trying to justify that repution. This famous mystic turned the excitement of his religious followers into sexual need and seduced hundreds of females that way, from peasant women to pure noblewomen. It was said he even slept with the Empress Alexandra …


History’s greatest lovers – Sex animals you should know about (part two)

History’s greatest lovers – Sex animals you should know about (part two)

The history of mankind is full of weirdos and perverts. Their sexual appetite and skills were formidable, and their notorious reputation is making us question ourselves even today. Like we said in part one, it’s probably because there wasn’t anything else to do anyway, but nevertheless, most of these absolute champions deserve to be mentioned from time to time.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (1725 – 1798)
You’ve probably heard of this gentleman, right? Judging by his voluminous memoirs, Casanova slept with thousands of women and 116 of them have been officially identified. The life of this Italian adventurer was a wild quest for sensual pleasures. His specialty was seduction of women and daughters of his own friends, sometimes all at once. When asked what’s his favorite food, he quickly replied “Women”.

Empress Catherine the Great (1729 – 1796)
The sexual apetite of this famous Russian ruler was insatiable. She preached the necessity of daily sex – at least 6 times a day, she had 21 official lovers and around …


History’s greatest lovers – Sex animals you should know about (part one)

History’s greatest lovers – Sex animals you should know about (part one)

Long time ago when there was no electricity and humans didn’t live long enough to see their offspring hit puberty, everyone was engaged in sex games, wars and public executions. Free time had completely different meaning and importance than today, and most of the people spent it fucking each other in darkness, spreading germs and incurable diseases. Sounds fun! Here’s the first part of the list of people who fucked around the most.

King Solomon (about 973 – 933 BC)

The son of King David, the third king of Israel who reigned for forty years and during that time had about 700 women and between 60 and 200 mistresses. He loved to sleep with women from for away lands, and some of his marriages were made for political and business reasons only (a common practice even today). Apparently, among his wives there were several of the prettiest women of that era.

Cleopatra (69 – 30 BC)

Although she was not so remarkably pretty, she was one of the …