History’s greatest lovers – Sex animals you should know about (part three)


History’s greatest lovers – Sex animals you should know about (part three)

This biographical data is so hilarious and amusing that we just can’s stop posting it! Once again, here is the list of some of the biggest sexual addicts and complete maniacs throughout history, part three.

Gabriele D’Anuncio (1863 – 1938)

Italian poet, novelist, playwright and politician who dominated in the bedrooms of his country for four decades, hated by at least a thousand deceived husbands (he boasted of this himself). He slept on pillows filled with locks of hair of his lovers, and drank wine from the cup he made of skull of a virgin who killed herself because of him. Fuckin’ metal.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (973-933)

Even as a young country boy, Rasputin became notorious as a grand fornicator and then he spent his whole life trying to justify that repution. This famous mystic turned the excitement of his religious followers into sexual need and seduced hundreds of females that way, from peasant women to pure noblewomen. It was said he even slept with the Empress Alexandra and her daughters altogether.

Mata Hari (1876 – 1916)

Dutch woman who was born under the name Margaretha Geertruida slept with men not only in exchange for military secrets, because of which she was executed for espionage, but she also did it for money and pleasure. In addition to her regular clientele, she also slept with several French ministers, including Dutch Prime Minister, German Prince and many others. Although the brutality of her first husband was probably the reason she hated men, she also enjoyed sex. Lost of it. She even used to go “on a vacation” in a nearby brothel after a hard day’s espionage.

King Ibn Sa’ud (1880 – 1953)

Since he was 11 years old, this Saudi monarch consumed at least three women on a daily basis – except when he was waging war. Perhaps this encouraged the famous hippie motto “Make love not war”.

Mae West (1892 – 1981)

The so called “first American sex symbol”, an actress with enchanting, silicone-free curves. When asked how she writer her memoirs, the legendary Hollywood star replied: “In bed, that’s where my best works are coming from”. No one knows the exact number of her lovers, but it’s assumed that she was certainly one of the biggest activists in the field. In her memoirs she even described the 15 hour intercourse (without interuption) she had with some guy named Ted.

Anonymous recorder

After ten years of researching sex life of Americans, the famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey published a case that would certainly please many of the women mentioned above. There was this guy who had about 33 sexual intercourses every week for more than thirty years. That’s almost 5 times a day. Do the math and you’ll see it’s about 52 000 times in 30 years. Not bad, champ!